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Hello all

Blunted, Nov 18, 12 1:01 PM.
Blunted here! I'm high as fuck and the game is down...seems to be the only time I update on here now, but any who, let's get somethings straight.

GOOD FUCKING SHIT TO YOU ALL!!! These last couple of weeks have been solid for the league, attendance is not what it used to be, but those of us still committed are beasting through the content and making our toons stronger the man of steel himself. If we could somehow use all of our toons at one time, Fairy Tail would be completely unstoppable, hands down we would destroy EVERYTHING, EVER...except for ourselves and our shit, so I guess not everything everything, just everything else. So back to the matter at hand, Perfection is perfected, so we gunna let 'em understand.

Haha, yeah, told yah guys I was high.

But valiant tanks, trollers, healers, and dps of Fairy Tail I urge to play after resets as we need as many people as possible to make the most successful raids. Many of us have alternate toons that span all four roles so making a a group is not difficult, we just need the numbers. My goal as of now is to push for 16 people logged on either a thursday or friday night so we can be double raiding...this includes operations, making Vengeance and Dawn faster then ever before. So let's do it guys...WE ARE FAIRY TAIL

Blunted, out

While we wait...

Blunted, Aug 7, 12 1:52 PM.
Hey all,

With another 2 hours to go, this is by far the most anticipated game update to my current knowledge, although I may be a bit biased due to the fact that I'm a gadgets user. However, despite all of the awesome that the game is offering it seems that the league has taken a slight turn for the worse. I want to keep everyone informed of what is going on. To start, Laxus, Natsu and myself have been in contact with the support team this past week trying to deal with the league name issues. This Friday, August 10th, we will be trying to reform Fairy Tail as per request of the GMs. If it again does not work, we will be filing a bug report which is sent directly to the development team for further investigation. If we cannot get Fairy Tail back as our league name, I believe as a collective we need to discuss in the future. The officers already have some ideas in mind and have been extended a few promising offers from friends, but we will keep pushing the rebuild until the time is right.
So please, when you are online let everyone know that the site has all the answers to peoples recent questions and to drop a comment on this post with any concerns, frustrations and/or suggestions with the league as of late.

And just to add, these are some lyrics that have been stuck in my head,
"If life hands you lemons, eat em, fuck it. Grind the pulp between your teeth and spit the seeds in the bucket. Use the acid from the juice to make some napalm in your room, send the napalm to white house, crawl back in the fuckin' womb"

Peace out y'all
Stay Blunted

Weekend Raid Ragers and PVP Madness

Blunted, Jul 19, 12 9:12 PM.
Alright all you land lovers, the update to the raid calendar has finally come.There are two weekly events.

The event starts Friday and runs to Sunday. Everyone wants to get their raid on, but they are hard to put together and can take some time to run. What better time to raid then on the weekend and with your friends in Fairy Tail. On any of the days posted feel free to add what raid you would like to run during the weekend and hopefully we will get to run it. Please be patient when trying to form a raid group and feel free to PUG when necessary.

Everyone loves to PVP so from Monday to Wednesday (possibly Thursday) we will be focusing on PVP. This ranges from 2v2, 4v4, 5v5, and 8v8 so be selective in forming your groups. All roles are necessary for arenas so please, healers and tanks try to come thru and give your support.

We are strong as one, but together we are unstoppable. Let's show the world what we are made of!!!
One of the most prestigious guilds in the land of Fiore transcends plains and makes its way into the DC Universe. First, in the world of Crisis, the mages of Fairy Tail flourished, trained and fought valiantly until a never forseen evil began a world merge and collapse. Once the dust had settled, those mages that remained begain training and recruitment again. Their valiant efforts shown through as the guilds strength, numbers and fame grew to heights unknown.

Now, battling Brainiac's forces in Gotham, Metropolis, the Batcave, Fortress of Solitude and even Themescryia, the heroes of Fairy Tail will stop at nothing to end Brainiac's reign of terror.

Our willpower makes us strong, but our friendship makes us unstoppable.

Always crazy.
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